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Beetroot juice for better health

Beetroot is undoubtedly a healthy vegetable. It is used not only in preparing dishes but also in muscle power. Beetroot juice is good for strengthening body muscles. The nitrate content in this vegetables helps to empower bones and muscles. Athletes are advised to take this juice daily as it is good for them. Juices of leafy vegetables are can also be mixed with it to make it a perfect health drink. Studies were conducted on beetroot with and without removing its nitrate content to prove its role in strengthening muscle power. Beetroot does more good for persons carrying out physical labour. Free from side effects is its major attraction. This juice also prevents high blood pressure, cholesterol and cardiac problems.

Beetroot juice (for 2 serve)

Beetroot – 2 Nos. ( medium)
Jaggery – 50gm
Water-3 to 4 glasses
Salt-a pinch.

Method of preparation
Cut beetroot into small pieces. Put this pieces into mixer jar add some water and crushed jaggery into it. Mix it well. Add a pinch of salt for taste.

Healthy beetroot juice is ready to serve.