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Vidarunna Ormmakal – Interview with Legendary actor Prem Nazir


July 16, 2017 Comments (0) Views: 306 Entertainment

Eka – the untold tale of public politics

Director Prince John and actor / model Rehana Fathima on their upcoming movie Eka that deals with the taboo topics like inter s** x * ality, body and pubic politics. The movie has been on the director’s mind for long. “The movie talks about body politics. A body doesn’t commit any crime. What makes body a s ** ual object are the surroundings. A naked body on a mortuary table doesn’t arouse s ** ual feelings in a hetero s** ual male, but a fully covered body in a ‘favourable’ circumstance does. The contradiction can’t be ignored.


Director Prince John and Actress Rehana Fathima

Director Prince John and Actress Rehana Fathima




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