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Headache is no more a ‘headache’; 10 effective tips

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Headache is the most common ailment seen in most of us. People who was not affected by headache are rare. Since the reason is different, same medicine can’t be administered every time. Tension is considered to be the reason in most cases. It is surprising to know that most headaches need no medicine. Try out any one of the following.

I. Replace pillow with books
This method is used to get the pain relieved from suboccipitals ( the muscle that connects neck and back of the head.) Place your head on a bulky book. This helps to stimulate the muscle and reduces the pain.

2. Use of phone and our position
Stooping while using phone can cause headache. It is better to use phone by lying down straight. Using sofa is preferable.

3. Deep breath
Taking a deep breath will allow more oxygen to enter into the body. This increases blood circulation to the head and relieves you from headache.

4. Wear dental guard.
Are you waking up with headache? Trembling teeth overnight might be the reason. So use dental guard at bedtime.

5. Hair and headache.
The studies carried out by the ‘ City of London migraine clinic’ states that in 53% of women who knot their hair overhead is liable to suffer from headache. The strain behind this knot may eventually leads to severe pain. It is better to lock the hair downwards


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