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September 19, 2016 Comments Off on Please share the shocking news of Luggage fraud Views: 2755 Social Media

Please share the shocking news of Luggage fraud

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Protests over social media are getting stronger against boarding pass & baggage frauds. Pravasis are making a big scene over luggage frauds and boarding pass scams. Probably most of malayalis in gulf jails have committed the crime unintentionally. These are the boarding passes of a traveler from gulf to Kochi. These crimes are done because nobody is really cautious while travelling in flight and no one cares to question the authority. These types of crimes need to be aware of, while travelling.

1. Transferring luggages from passengers having more luggages to passengers having low number of luggages and making a profit out of it. For example a passenger having only 24 KG 1 pcs luggage got ticketed for 3pcs luggages. He ultimately made a scene and got it corrected.
2. If you are caught someday having smuggled gold or any illegal items while travelling in your name? The people who go to jail are such people who can’t recognize these frauds at airports. Especially those who go to gulf for the first time from kerala.
3. So remember to please check the number of luggage pieces while travelling in your boarding pass. These types of betrayals and frauds can end up someone in gulf jail for years.

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