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September 9, 2016 Comments Off on Put This in Your Navel and Get Rid of Abdominal Pain! Views: 4170 Smart Tips & Home Remedies

Put This in Your Navel and Get Rid of Abdominal Pain!

Having a bad day due to cramps? worry no more! This will help make the pain go away.experts say that this is probably one of the most effective methods of home medicine for pain relief.

Soak cotton in alcohol and put it in your navel. This is a simple procedure that doesn’t require much effort and you will recover faster from common cold, flu, coughs, abdominal and menstrual pain. This is definitely an easier and better way to tackle menstrual pain, flu or cold.

Take a cotton immerse it in alcohol 50 percent and put it on your belly button. This method is also used if you have flu, cold or muscle soreness and it’s much better choice than the conventional medicine. Put a band aid over it, or simply cover it with a towel or plastic bag.