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Top Ten professions that make men irresistible to women

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It is generally said that men should not be judged on the basis of their dress and women on the basis of their attire. But practically this is not going to work. Like the beauty of women, job or occupation is important for men. A handsome pilot, for instance, will make heads turn. Here are ten attractive professions of men which impress women.

10. Photographer.
A woman will always admire someone who can capture her beauty. And who else but a photographer can do this better.

09. Writer.
A good writer is immortal. A wordsmith who weaves stories can make any woman fall in love.

08. Software engineer.
An easy way to hack into the mind of a woman in this era of information technology. A software engineer is surely an attractive professional.

07. Military man.
A stern military officer with perfect attitude and a strong body can be irresistible.

06. Chef.
The easiest path to a woman’s heart could be through her stomach. A master chef can impress a woman through his culinary skills.

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