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10 Health benefits of red / brown rice


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Unknown Health & Beauty Benefits Of Rice Water

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Most of us don’t know the benefits of rice water.You might be throwing it out without realizing its goodness. It supplies as much as half of the daily calories because of the presence of high amount of starch in it. It is this starch which gives white color to the rice water. Rice is rich in proteins, dietary fiber and vitamins too. When you boil the rice in water, due to high-temperature rice releases some of its starch in that water, this water with starch suspension is called the rice water.

1. several studies have found that the consumption of rice water can prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer.
2. Rice water should be used as a natural fever remedy, as it inhibits water loss due to fever and vomiting during an infection.
3. This miraculous water is abundant in fiber and helps the smooth bowel movements. Also, the starch stimulates the development of useful bacteria in the stomach.
4. Rice water is especially beneficial in the summer, as we use a lot of water through sweating. It can inhibit the dehydration of the body and the nutrient loss.
5. Rice water is excellent in the case of diarrhea in both, adults and children.
6. Rice water is abundant in carbohydrates, meaning that it can provide a lot of energy.
7. The consumption of rice water can significantly help you take the sun’s heat.
8. One of the biggest benefits of rice water is the fact that it can help in the case of cancer. Namely, the regular consumption of rice water can prevent certain types of cancer.

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