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10 Commandments for a good wife

The role of wife in family life is crucial. Since she hails from an entirely different circumstance it takes sometime to understand the partner and about new life. A wife should initiate to know her husband.

1. Behave according to the attitude of husband. Need love, care and consideration.
2. Follow temperateness in conversation.
3. Don’t try to provoke your husband when he comes back tired from workplace.
4. Try to create a peaceful atmosphere when he is tensed.
5. If he burst out at you, face him calmly.
6. Think well before you utter a word.
7. Try to know which all things irritate him.
8. Prepare his favourite food deliciously and serve it in the most romantic way.
9. Keep good relation with in laws and seek their support when needed.
10. Use decent language. Be patient and tolerant.

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