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September 8, 2016 Comments Off on 10 Love Making Tips For Couples in Long – Term Relationships Views: 10984 Featured, Relation

10 Love Making Tips For Couples in Long – Term Relationships

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These are some tips on how you can keep your romantic relationship healthy and alive.

1. Have morning intercourse at least once a week
What a better way to start a morning than to lie beside your partner and be loved. This should be at least twice a week to keep your mind and body healthy as the doctors suggest for couples. Now there is no need to get up on the wrong side of the bed if you catch the drift.

2. Don’t be afraid to surprise your partner
Be full of surprises to catch your partner off guard. Happy surprises go a long way in romantic life.

3. Sharing your ultimate fantasies
Sharing your intimate and deep fantasies will help you release a lot of stress in tensed times. Sharing and caring for your partners deepest desires is a healthy way to move forward in a relationship

4. Flirt like you mean it
If you want the flirting chemistry to be on with your partner. You need to show some guts and show your partner your wild side to flirting.

5. Position change is a spicy experiment
The kama sutra exists for a reason. Although it is difficult to master all the 64 positions you can try out new positions for your loving partner.

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