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10 other uses of ATM which you hardly know

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Have you ever thought of the function of ATM other than withdrawing money from our account? Now RBI is encouraging online and mobile banking. Banks are opening more and more ATM counters. Here are 10 other uses of ATM which you hardly know.

1. Railway / air ticket booking
Passengers can book their railway tickets through ATM. At present, SBI, PNB and Bank of Baroda and Karur Vysya Bank offer this facility. SBI and Punjab National Bank provide the option for selecting location. This can be done only if your bank’s ATM has this option or has a tie up with a particular airline company.

2. Fund transfer
Money can be transferred from one account to the other if you know the 16 digit card number. You can transfer Rs.5,000 to Rs. 49,000 through this.

3. Pay Bills
Utility bills such as electricity bills can be had from Bank ATMs. Some banks offer cash back service.

4. Pay Donation
Donations for NGOs or Trusts can be given through ATM. The receipt can be used while filing income tax returns.

5. Mobile recharging
No need of searching a retailer for buying a recharge card. Walk into your ATM, type in your mobile number and recharge your mobile with the amount you wish.



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