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10 Success mantras for a happy family life

Every women wishes to have a dream like colourful life after marriage. A little patience is more than enough to maintain happy life throughout.

1. Family life is not trivial. The reasons for break up can be often silly problems. Try to understand each other from the very beginning itself.

2. It is not fair to point out partner’s weakness, mocking or crucifying.

3. There should neither be ruling nor to be ruled in family life. Only acceptance is needed.

4. Identify the good or bad habits/qualities of your husband and decide to behave accordingly. Change yourself if necessary or else try to change your husband through love.

5. Be cheerful before your husband. Take care of your beauty too.

6. Never keep yourselves away from your husband under any circumstances. Since you are the light of the family, it is your responsibilty to keep it glowing for ever.

7. Don’t convert simple issues into complicated one. Put your heads together to find an apt solution for the problem.

8. Understand and admit that your husband adorns unique position in the family.

9. Never react vigorously when your husband is in angry mode. Also try to pacify him and make things clear to him later.

10. Never belittle your in laws or their relatives and also take care not to boost your family up.