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10 Times When Mohanlal was Abandoned by The National Film Award

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There might be two opinions regarding the actor’s win at the 64th National Film Awards. But, there were certain instances when he was neglected at the award circuits, when he truly deserved it. Here are the list of that 10 movies for which Mohanlal, truly deserved the National Film Award. And almost all movies came in the final round, this is the record in Indian Cinema History.

1. Paadha Mudra (1988): is a family film where an emotional battle happens to a son due to his father. Mohan Lal plays dual roles, one is a worker in the quarry, while the other is a home business owner.

2. Dasaradham (1989): Dasharatham which released in 1989 told the story of a rich reckless young man, Rajiv Menon, who is alcoholic and has no aim in life.

3. Vasthuhara (1991): The film tells the story of refugees during the time of Bengal partition. The film ‘Vasthuhara’ was the last movie of director Aravindan. ‘Vasthuhara’ is a travel through love and memories. Mohanlal and Neena Gupta played the lead roles in the movie.

4. Sadayam (1992): Mohanlal’s performance in Sadayam still stands as one of the most underrated performances of the actor. He got to play the role of Satyanathan, a convict who is about to be hanged. Words would be less to describe his performance, which was subtle yet effective.

5. Kalapani (1996): An epic movie by all means and same is the case of Mohanlal’s performance in the film. One cannot imagine anyone else in the shoes of the character of Govardhan. The actor in him had to do comedy, emotional and powerful sequences alike and Mohanlal was successful in doing all these without any hiccups.



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