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7 Relationship phases that long term couples understand

We all experience love at least once in our lifetime. If you have already experienced it then you must know that it is quite a unique and beautiful feeling. Being in a relationship can have a different meaning, people may end up together even if they are not in love. You have to be truly lucky to fall in love with a person who is also the same way back. But if they truly care and love for their partner they will go through these relationship stages to try stay together.

Here are the 7 relationship phases which couples go through.

1. Infatuation
This is the first phase, when we are infatuated by everything our partner does, this phase makes you feel like you are in love. But to be sure if it is long term or not you need to wait.

2. Understanding
When we are in the trap of a feeling called love, understanding your partner becomes very easy and this is one of the most important and critical relationship phases. In this stage, we are interested in knowing every little thing about our partner like knowing about their family, past life, likes, dislikes and the list just never ends.

3. Disturbances
Life cannot be same every time. When you are happy for some time, a number of things will interrupt and you will feel like they are making you realize that happy time is over and now is the time for some seriousness. Similarly, in a relationship, after some months of happy going relationship, some disturbances start interfering in it .

4. Judging
We tend to judge our partner, it is a human tendency to make an opinion about others and we can’t help it, but because of this our relationship may suffer. Many of the couples are able to get over it and those who are not able to do it, end their relationship in this stage only.

5. Molding
The way of making sacrifices for your partner, even if they are not right it doesn’t matter sometimes. This is the stage of adjustment, giving and taking, struggle and changes. We try to change our partners as per our requirement and try to change our behavior and habits as per the demand of partner. This is called mutual give and take.

6. Commitment Level
This is the stage in which you commit yourself completely to your partner. You are here because you have learned to change and adjust as per the demand of your relationship. It is a conscious decision to stay committed to your partner. But if you are in love its not necessary because you will only think of your partner.

7. Bliss and complete trust level
The feeling that you can ultimately trust your partner comes from this stage. Again you will go through the same experience and feelings as in the same stage. But still you need to be careful as one of you may start taking other as granted so do not let the dark side of relationship come out. If you have survived till here, you need to go forever.

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