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August 26, 2016 Comments Off on 15 useful and effective tips Views: 5509 Smart Tips & Home Remedies

15 useful and effective tips

1. To make bananas fresh for 3-5 days longer, wrap the top part of the bunch in plastic wrap.
2. To get maximum juice out of lemons, soak lemons in hot water for an hour and then juice them..
3. To avoid tears while cutting onion, chew gum.
4. Get rid of the garlic odour by running your hands against a stainless steel vessel.
5. To make mirror shine, clean with sprite.
6. Use baking soda to prevent your fridge from getting smelly.
7. To avoid smell of cabbage while cooking, keep a piece of bread in the vessel while cooking.
8. To remove chewing gums from clothes, keep the cloth in a freezer for an hour.
9. If you are feeling sleepy, hold your breath for as long as you can and then release it.
10. Press your tongue firmly against the back of your teeth to prevent a sneeze.
11. If you are having trouble falling asleep, blink fast for a minute.
12. Keep an onion near you at night if you have a stuffy nose.
13. Pinch yourself if you just can’t stop laughing.
14. Scratch your ear if you have a tickle in your throat.
15. Cut lemon in to 2 slices and put 10 to 15 cloves in each half of lemon. Keep in your room, you will not get Dengue mosquitoes in your room.