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3 Freaky Things Our Body Does

The human body is a strange and mysterious place filled with gross guts and gurgling magic potions. There are all sorts of confusing or nonsensical processes our own bodies perform that we just shrugged off and accepted way back in childhood.

Wrinkling of the skin (Chuliv)
The wrinkles that appear on the skin of your hands play an important role. This phenomenon is caused by the fact that when your body encounters an increased amount of moisture it understands that the environment might be slippery. So the skin on your hands immediately begins to change in a way that will make it easier for you to grip smooth surfaces.

Goosebumps (Romancham)
The primary function of goosebumps is to reduce the amount of heat our bodies lose through the pores of our skin, which then makes it easier to warm ourselves in inhospitable climatic conditions.

Yawning (Kottuva)
The main purpose of yawning is to cool down the brain after it’s been overheated or overloaded.

Source Credit: brightside.me & cracked.com