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4-7-8 technique for sound sleep in 60 seconds

Most of us adopt different measures for getting sound sleep like taking bath in warm water, drinking hot milk, set dim light inside the bedroom etc and later depend on pills for sleep. Everyone expects to have sound sleep but most of them fail to get it.Dr.Andrew Wail from Arizona, explains that everyone can attain sound sleep in 60 sec through a simple technique. He says that it is possible through 4-7-8 breathing technique.

Here is the technique and anyone can try it.
Step 1. Breathe out(Exhale) through the mouth naturally with ‘woof’ sound.
Step 2. Close the mouth and breathe in (inhale) for 4 sec and hold it for 7 sec.
Step 3. Exhale through mouth in 8 sec.
Step 4. Repeat Step 2.
Repeat it 3-4 times. This is the 4-7-8 technique.

Practically we inhale slowly and exhale heavily. Make sure that the tip of your tongue be in the same position during practice.Time duration is not a problem but 4-7-8 ratio is important.

This breathing exercise is based on Pranayama in Indian Yogic System.This will gradually leads to sound sleep because of increased intake of oxygen into the lungs. This oxygen can pacify parasympathetic nervous system which inturn provides sound sleep.

When our mind is tensed or in stress , the nervous system is stimulated and give rise to inequilibrium. Mr. Andrew Wail from Havard University opines that the oxygen in the lungs strengthen the bond between mind and body and divert the thoughts that spoil our sleep. This breathing exercise is a wonderful stress relieving method.Practice it twice a day.You can master this technique in 6-8 weeks. He assures that this will help you to have sound sleep in just 60 seconds.

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