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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Potato Juice

Did you know that something as commonplace as a potato could help you get rid of a range of beauty problems? Potato juice, packed with vitamins, potassium, copper and sulfur, can be used for preparing beauty recipes that would help treat your beauty problems effectively and easily.

1. For An Anti-Aging Regime:
While aging is a natural process that gives birth to various problems like fine lines, dryness and wrinkles, potato juice could act as your savior in removing the signs of aging. Mix curd and potato juice in equal quantities. Add a spoon of olive oil. This face mask is a wonderful way to moisturize your skin and bring about a significant reduction in the signs of aging.

2. For Treating Puffy Eyes:
Mix potato juice and cucumber juice in equal amounts. Apply the juice on the skin around your eyes. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Both potato juice and cucumber juice are known to have a soothing effect. Together, they cool down tired eyes. This remedy is effective for treating puffiness of eyes.

3. For Imparting Shine To Hair:
Is your hair look dull, frizzy and dry? Mix potato juice with aloe vera and apply it on your hair to get shiny locks.

4. For Treating Loss Of Hair:
If you find that those precious strands of hair falling, nothing can be more frustrating. To combat hair loss, mix potato juice, honey and an egg white. Apply the mixture on your hair and wait for about two hours. Shampoo as usual.

5. Drink One Glass Raw Potato Juice:
Potato juice is used as part of the famous Rudolf Breuss treatment against cancer. Lately is getting more importance as an effective tool in the fight against diseases of the liver and kidneys, but also for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatism and so on. Regardless of all, drinking raw potato juice is an excellent remedy for strengthening the immune system. It helps with frequent headaches and menstrual cramps. Other benefits of this juice are: it cleanses the body of toxins, helps with skin problems, lowers blood sugar level.

In fact, only the crust should not be consumed because it is toxic. But what is dangerous for the health is Immature potato with green crust. The danger lies in the solanine, a toxin produced in sprouts and green parts of potatoes.

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