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5 Common worries men are plagued with ahead of first night

First night is a big night for all married men and women. And naturally there are apprehensions aplenty in the minds of couples as they approach first night. And generally it is believed that men harbour the more worries than women ahead of this much anticipated night. Here are some common worries that menfolk confront as they prepare for that much desired night.

1. Worry about not being able to perform
Most men are bothered about that their level of stamina in the first experience.

2. Insecurities about size
Men are known to be obsessed with the size of their organ. They believe that size matters to all women and they are worried a lot about it.

3. Concern about their physique
Most men think that they are not muscular enough and won’t be able to impress their women.

4. Problem of body odor
Even if not voluntarily, sometimes the body or the mouth smells leaving guys all the more nervous and insecure.

5. Nervousness
Because of their overwhelming nervousness men tend to tremble even before kissing a woman for the first time.