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5 effective tips to increase height in weeks

Height plays a very important role in determining overall personality of an individual. Shorter people usually suffer a lack of self confidence. Here is a list of tip to increase your height naturally.

1. Swimming
Swimming is a wonderful technique to increase height naturally. It is possible to grow taller by swimming 2hours every day.

2. Perform stretches
The best way to increase height is exercising. Do atleast 15 minutes of stretching exercise per day for better result.

3. Cycling
Cycling helps to remain healthy. Riding cycle in upright and straight position with the height that both legs are fully extended will help to increase your height.

4. Vertical hanging
To perform this exercise, you require a solid metal bar which should be able to bear your entire weight. The bar must be placed approximately 7 feet above the ground surface. Can start exercise by gripping the bar using your both hands and allow your body to hang loosely. Your hands should not be placed too close or too wide from each other. This exercise will help you to elongate your spine and also make flexible. Recommended to practice at least four times per week for better result.

5. Yoga
Yoga is another important technique for increasing your height without any pain or side effect. The stretches and poses which you perform during yoga helps to improve your posture by stretching spine and consequently, you are able to achieve goal easily.


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