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June 3, 2016 Comments Off on 5 healthy foods you can carry while travel Views: 1393 Good Food

5 healthy foods you can carry while travel

‘To reach you need to move. But to transform you need to travel’. Yes! Once you tasted and experienced the ecstatic joy of travel you won’t be able to stop yourself from travelling. The unknown paths, places and people will be calling you again and again. That invitation is not something small. It would be irresistible and unconditional. Definitely you will keep going.

Even if you are not interested in such travelling, you may have to travel for your business program or any other personal/non-personal purposes. The unchanging fact is you cannot avoid travelling in your life. If it is a long trip, what kind of food items you choose to carry with you? Having food is an inevitable part in journey. When you avoid eating healthy food would make you tired. Obviously we cannot depend on all of the restaurants we found. Because, we does not know whether they keeps their hygiene properly or not.

In such situation you may carry some healthy food items which won’t get messed very soon. At the same time it will keep you energetic. Here are some foods items which may choose while travel.

1. Apple and Banana are good to have while traveling. It’s healthy too. If you are allergic you may use little peanut butter also.

2. Cut the cucumber, carrot, celery etc. mix it up and pack with hummus.

3. Roasted white gram which contains fewer calories is better than salted nuts. To feel tastier you may add some spice to mixed cashew nut, gram and dry fruits.

4. Brown Ice cake is another good food item. It is a better wholegrain dish.

5. Do not forget to take boiled water with you.

Now, pack up! And star healthy journey!