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5 Healthy habits you’re doing wrong

Certain routines that we follow on a daily basis are so simple that we never pause to think about whether we could be doing them wrong or not. There are many such things that you’re doing wrong and maybe not realising it. Making small corrections to them can have a major effect on your overall health.

Rushing through your routine
It is an everyday thing to rush through the entire routine to make it to the office on time. The habit can have unpleasant consequences. Your brain doesn’t get time to decompress or prepare for the day. You are also stressing out over all the mini tasks you have to accomplish and how long it’s going to take you to get them done. It is the time to stop lauding yourself to make it to office on time within 30 minutes from waking; try to wake up at such a time that you can leave at least half an hour early to keep some time for yourself to finish things within a reasonable time-frame.

Washing your hands after applying sunscreen
It is a healthy habit to slather sunscreen, but not a good option to wash your hands afterwards. It leaves a crucial surface exposed to harmful UV rays. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget your nails. They are dead cells, but the tissue underneath is active and susceptible to melanoma and other skin cancers.

Vegging out on couch
After a busy day, it’s good to veg out on the sofa. It relaxes you. If you spend hours there, it is also one of the worst things you can do. It increases stiffness in the muscles of your back and over time makes those muscles weak. Vegging out on the couch is only an invitation to injury and pain.

Keeping away from treats
If you don’t diet but starve yourself of treats, you are not doing much right. Starving yourself of treats sends your hormones and body into a spin. When hormonal balance is disturbed, there could be more and more damage. If you starve yourself of things you enjoy, you can’t maintain any eating regime. Incorporate the treats!

Not taking professional’s help
It is just headache, why should I get help? Headaches that occur everyday or in a certain pattern require medical attention. It is good that you follow a healthy lifestyle, or are aware of natural treatments and remedies. Seeing a doctor can keep medical conditions from getting worse.

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