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6 Signs You Deserve More Respect In Your Relationship

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5 things men do when they are in real love

Do you remember the feeling when you are in love? Here are the symptoms of it. Did you feel such emotions while in love? When you hear a song, you think about her. When you are taking bath you simply smile for no reason. Being vulnerable and open is difficult for us, but not impossible.

1. He loves her not just for her beauty
Many men just see a woman for her beauty in a culture of disposable relationships, but when a man truly loves a woman, he loves all of her, not just her beauty. He loves her for her who she is. He loves her flaws as well as her virtues. He respects her decisions and her choices in life.. He is her biggest fan and most vocal cheerleader. He believes in her and what she can accomplish.

2. He protects her till death
A man is very protective in nature when he is in love. We are unconsciously possessive of our partner and want her safe at all times. Always vigilant and always on guard, he is ready at a moment’s notice to place himself in harm’s way. He does not raise his hands against those he loves. It would never cross his mind.

3. He is responsible and makes sacrifices
When you are in love, you don’t take selfish decision. You always think about your partner first. When times are tough or there is a tough decision to make, a man steps up and takes action. He does not shift the responsibility to others. He steps up and takes responsibility.

4. He values your opinions about life
When a man loves you, your opinions matter to him. . He pays attention to you because you are the most important person in his world.It may seem trivial to you, but to him, you are the focus of his world. You are important to him, so he will find a way to make it happen. It is no trouble. It is an act of devotion.

5. Even if you break up , He lets you for your own good
This is a rare case scenario. But if ever your partner and you breaks up , he understands your well being and is not afraid to let go. Ultimately he loves you and will cherish your memories till death. He understands you are busy and have a life of your own. We all need our time apart with our friends to do the things we are passionate about.