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5 Tragic Selfies: Something Went Wrong

This is undoubtedly the age of selfies and this forces people to be foolishly dangerous. Social networks affect the ego of the human people and make us do rather strange things. Here are some selfies that went wrong. Please don’t copy them.

A 21 one year old Spanish person died taking a selfie while climbing on the roof of a train, standing on the platform in Andujar city. He climbed onto the roof and accidentally touched the wire, to keep the balance. A powerful electric shock threw him off the roof.

Another tragic selfie when 14 year old Cristina Rosello, 14-year-old schoolgirl from Philippine decided to take a selfie during her school break. Climbing a 10 step ladder was probably not the best of her decisions. The height was also enough to cause a heavy traumatic brain injury, multiple fractures of limbs and kidney injury. The child died a few hours after the tragic selfie.

On January 2, 2015 the teenager took a photo of himself in a Sponge Bob suit and uploaded it to Facebook which got lots of likes. So another idea was to try and take a selfie from the bathroom door. His head smashed in his mother’s bathroom and died from excessive bleeding.

The need for acceptance without firstly having self acceptance is the resemblance of the danger in need of Facebook likes. This 12-year-old girl climbed on the window sill in her room and opened the window telling her friend to take a photo in pursuit of more likes and love. She neglected her friend’s precautions, and in result dropped out of the window.

In India a train hit two students. Initially the four friends were walking near the railway tracks and one of them came up with a “wonderful” idea to take a selfie right in front of the approaching train. The tragedy took place in Uttar Pradesh. Friends waited for the train and when it began to approach, started taking pictures of themselves. One of the friends, who stood at a distance, began to shout, warning the others, but the love for selfies overcame the common sense. Three students did not have time to jump off the rails and the fourth one lost three of his best friends in a single moment.