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September 29, 2016 Comments Off on 6 Signs You Deserve More Respect In Your Relationship Views: 2605 Featured, Relation

6 Signs You Deserve More Respect In Your Relationship

Demanding respect when in a relationship is essential. Its important to respect your partner when in a relationship. If respect is lacking relationships won’t survive in the long run. 6 ways you can get find out how much respect is lacking in your relationship.

1. Your Partner Doesn’t Listen
Communication is a two way street. So that means talking to express your needs and desires and listening for the unmet needs of your partner.

2. Your Partner Keeps Things From You
Researchers at Texas Tech University looked at measuring levels of respect in close relationships. They found that high levels of respect correlated with the depth of expressed love, similar sexual attitudes, relationship satisfaction, commitment, and self-disclosure.

3. Your Partner Is Only Focused On Their Own Needs
You deserve more respect in your relationship if your partner never asks you what you need, of if you have expressed it, ignores what you have asked them to do to meet your needs.

4. Your Partner Blames You
Things go wrong and accidents happen, from missing an entry in the checkbook to forgetting to take out the trash, you will both be responsible for at least one screw up. If any of these phrases sound familiar, it’s a sign you deserve more respect in your relationship. Point out that although you may have flaws, your partner is partly responsible for the problems in the relationship too.

5. What Your Partner Says Hurts Your Feelings
A betrayal that hurts your feelings is a sign that you deserve more respect in your relationship. Betrayals can be anything that crosses your personal boundaries or that intentionally is meant to hurt you.

6. Your Partner Shames You
Using belittling language toward you is a sure sign that you deserve more respect in your relationship. If your partner makes you feel bad for your words or actions and you’ve done nothing to intentionally harm them, you should take this as a warning sign.