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8 Foods From China filled with Cancer Causing Chemicals

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China has been an expert at duplicating everything. But never did one imagine china would duplicate make and export fake eggs. According to the reports it’s a shocker, but it’s true. Selling in huge quantities, these fake eggs are making a huge profit for these Chinese companies. (But many people in social media saying it’s hoax) Even as many markets in India face a backlash against Chinese goods after a viscous social media campaign, the appearance of artificial eggs in stores and supermarkets in different parts of Kerala has left residents infuriated.

Consumers have reported that the shells are hard to crack and an omelette made using these is hard and rubbery. These artificial eggs do not rot even after many days on the shelves.

State Health Minister, K K Shylaja said probe would be launched to find the truth about the mystery eggs. However, the health officials have not stopped the sale of the eggs anywhere yet. The list below is examples of illegal counterfeit food product China exporting to all over the world. Indian expatriates please be careful about it.

china-beef-extract-06-550x3431. Making beef out of pork
Beef is banned in most parts of India by the BJP government. Because pork is less expensive in China,they use a beef extract and a glazing agent to “marinate” the pork for 90 minutes. Doctors have advised people to stay away from this fake product as its long-term use may cause “slow poisoning, deformity, and even cancer.


2. Fake green peas
These peas were still hard after boiling, yet turned the water unnatural green color. The fake peas were reported to be very profitable, and one of the illegal workshop was producing them for three years before it was investigated.

“Such toxic artificial green peas have been found in Hunan and Guangdong before, but it looks like the news didn’t catch enough attention from the officials,” said Sang Liwei, a Beijing-based food safety expert.


3. Plastic Rice
Days back, there were a news coverage about plastic being found in Rice, this is done by China. When the plastic rice is cooked it stays hard so it doesn’t look suspicious.


4. Industrial Salt as table salt
Industrial salt is labeled “unfit for human consumption.” Yet it is much cheaper, which is why 788 tons of it was sold by at least 12 people over the course of 13 years as table salt. The industrial salt can cause mental and physical issues, such as hypothyroid problems and reproductive system disorders.


5. Mud sold as black pepper
Imagine eating mud for pepper. When caught with the crime, the Chinese man’s excuse for justifying selling these fake items was that they “would not kill people.”

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