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8 Mistakes that your Partner usually Makes In Bed

If you have a careless nature when you are in bed. It’s most likely that you will have issues with your partner. For chemistry and biology to work out between people there are more factors than just physical attraction. One has to be familiar with one’s likes and dislikes to please your partner. Here are some of the mistakes they make.

1. Take an initiative
Take an initiative in what your partner likes and dislikes. When a woman expects a man to do all the hard work in bed, it would irritate a man. If you just lie down there and close your eyes and do nothing else but enjoy his moves, then he may not like it. Men like women taking an active part in the bed matters.

2. Do for your interest
Don’t do this as a favor for him or her, do it for your interest otherwise he or she will lose interest. So, get into the bedroom only if you are totally in mood.

3. Ask first
Don’t force your partner to switch off the light whenever you are shy. If you bite his sensitive areas severely or scratch his whole body as if your aim is to take revenge for some past argument, then he may not like it. So ask first, If he or she likes that sort of things.

4. Full involvement
If you’re not comfortable getting naked with him or her, try to overcome your shyness. Develop a positive self image. He or she needs your full involvement; if you’re absent minded, partner thinks that you have lost interest. It reflects your insecurity and may irritate him or her if you repeatedly do.

5. Don’t complain
If you are complaining a lot about his or her belly fat. That might stress out your partner. Looking at the ceiling, feeling distracted or thinking about something when he or she is busy making love to you, may turn them off.

6. Never fake orgasm
This is the first and fundamental rule. Because why would you enter into a love affair if you deprive yourself of the summit. Perhaps on some occasions acting can be forgiven, but it cannot become a habit, anyway, every man will be glad to do his best to satisfy you, only it is important that you let him.

7. Making love in the bedroom
This is horror. It is not only boring but also limited. Monotony kills the Physical contact life. Use a kitchen table, bath, washing machine, car… be creative and any place can be perfect place to make love, go ahead!

8. Laziness
Laziness is the greatest enemy of good Physical Contact. If you are already engaged in Love making, then enjoy it. Do not just lie there and wait for him or her to do everything. Wake up, grab it and tell what you want. The action starts!