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December 29, 2016 Comments Off on 8 things that men first notice in women Views: 6175 Men & Women

8 things that men first notice in women

Some men are not attracted towards just the physical beauty of a woman. It is not entirely clear as to what exactly draws a man to a woman.

Men Admire Contrary to popular belief, women are more visual than men. They are conditioned to see what they want to see, without staring or being obvious. Men admire; women inspect. A woman may decide she is interested in a man before she has caught his eye or gotten his attention. Men notice contours and curves while women notice form and structure. So although both men and women check out the opposite, men tend to do so in a much less discreetly sort of way.

Here are some things that men notice in women first.

1. Enchanting Eyes:
Eyes are the primary thing that men look into a woman. Contact to a person becomes through eyes, and hence eyes are the first and the foremost noticeable feature that a man looks for.

2. Smile:
Smile is another feature that catches a man’s attention. Smile enchants a man and attracts him towards a woman, and it is the second most observable feature in a woman.

3. Hair:
All women who take care of their hair and are conscious about the well being of their hair are witty ones, as they know the secret that healthy and beautiful hair is a way to attract a man towards them.

4. Makeup:
If you’re wearing so much makeup that it looks like you’ve painted an entirely new face on top of your actual face, guys will wonder if you’re trying to cover up some bizarre deformation and/or you are deathly self conscience. No man wants to come away from a hug with a freshly painted shirt from your foundation. Most men actually prefer women in less make-up and might be scared by the clown look. Try to keep your face as natural as possible, highlighting your favorite features, and show the world that you are proud of who you are and the body you were given.

5. Legs:
It doesn’t come off as a surprise that men get fascinated by the legs of women. Studies have shown that women who have longer legs than the usual are more likely to attract men.

6. Breast:
Many women and even men think that breast is the primary feature of a woman that men notice, but it is erroneous as men do notice breast but only after eyes and smile. Breasts are a symbol of fertility and according to survey, men will look at a woman’s breast even if he tries to control as it is a normal tendency, and it is controlled through senses.

7. Cleavage and Rear End:
Cleavage and rear ends are the first things that men notice about a woman. Now, that’s not to say they think all women should unbutton their shirts to their bellybutton or wear spandex everywhere. Depending on how badly you wish to capture a guy, show or cover those curves. An important thing here is that men do not appreciate women who put it all on display. “Show some and hide some” is how men like it. They want their women to be alluring and Hot without looking cheap and vulgar. Besides, the men who want vulgar and flashy women are most likely not relationship material anyway.

8. Bag:
No, men don’t care if your Gucci is real or fake, but they will notice how you wear it. Women who hold their purse with pride might come off as more materialistic to men. Most men are not a fan of a high-maintenance woman and will notice if her bag is bigger than his gym bag, and take that as a sign of her dependence and value of material things. Not all men will notice your bag, but the ones that do will help you determine if a guy who cares about your purse, is really the one for you.