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June 20, 2016 Comments Off on A big blow to the Malayalee singer Views: 2209 Video

A big blow to the Malayalee singer

A malayalee singer is now in the news of national and international media. Jacintha Morris, a native of thiruvananthapuram had to face this bitter experience from online media. Besides being a wonderful singer, Jacintha is a writer too. Her poem ‘Is Suzainne a sinner’ is made into a musical album, where her friends and relatives gave life. The album depicts the story of a middle-aged woman. Shri. O. Rajagopal launched this amateur album in a function held at Capital city

Real issues began when this song was uploaded in youtube. Some north indian viewers posted nasty comments under this video. Later she withdrew the post . But the situation turned worse later as it had been posted in many youtube channels and facebook pages.

This video has been circulating among Pakistan based fb pages. There things became topsy turvy. This video was described as the south indian version of ‘Angel’, a super duper hit by a Pakistani singer Tahir Shah. So the singer had to face great face great challenges from Pakistan. The video of Suzainne is the main topic of discussion from to Hashington Post.

Jacintha uploaded this video album not for the negative publicity and following hits.She made this album out of her passion for music-revealed 52 year old Jacintha to a national media. Her experience reminds us of the consequences of uploading anything on social media.