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July 1, 2016 Comments Off on A magic mix to get rid of untimely hair grey and hair fall Views: 5971 Featured, Smart Tips & Home Remedies

A magic mix to get rid of untimely hair grey and hair fall

Hair going grey at a very young age is very sad. It will adversely affect all our activities, both physical and mental. We can see a number of oils and creams for treating grey hair.

But as a side effect, the rest of the hair too go grey. Forget about the products at the market. Lets try out a magical mix which can blacken your hair naturally without any side effects.

Lemon – 4 Nos.
Honey – 1 kg
Flaxseed oil – 200gm
Garlic- 3 petals

Mode of making
Grind garlic and mix it with lemon. Pour flaxseed oil and honey into it and mix well.The magic oil is ready.

Have a teaspoon half an hour before the meals three times daily. This can undoubtedly prevent hair grey. Its a solution for untimely grey hair. It prevents grey and gives a soft and shining black hair.Thus it is a quick remedy for all your problems related to hair loss. It have no side effect at all.

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