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Lose Weight Just By Pressing These Acupressure Points

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Abdominal Sorrow Point
abdominal-sorrow-pointThis point, which is located under the last rib helps in relieving from ulcers, indigestion and rib pain. It also balances your appetite so that you don’t get food cravings more often. You’ll need to press this abdominal sorrow point for at least 5 minutes everyday in order to achieve the best results.

Elbow Point
On the inner side of your elbow crease, you’ll find the large intestine point which iselbow-point located towards the end. This acupressure point helps in stimulating the function of your intestine. It simply removes excess body heat and unwanted moisture that is present in your body. Use your thumb and press this elbow point, at least for a minute every day to achieve better weight loss results.

Knee Point
knee-pointThis acupressure point improves your digestion and helps in smooth functioning of your stomach. You can find the knee point on the outer side of your leg (left or right) just 2 inches below the knee cap. Using your forefinger, apply the pressure on this point for at least 1 minute. After the minute was completed, with your finger on the pressure point, move your foot up and down and you’ll feel the movement of your muscle. That is the perfect spot! By staying in that position, press the point for another 2 minutes.

These presure points helps but need accompanies with several things: Propre diet, good sleep, relaxation and minimun exercises. 

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