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February 26, 2014 Comments Off on Advantages of Solar Flood Lighting Views: 794 Lifestyle, Technology

Advantages of Solar Flood Lighting

Flood lights, in general, are used to brighten your outdoor area and are considered a type of security device. They can be utilized to beautify the exterior appearance of your home or as a landscape enhancement. At times floodlights are used for an emergency back up at airport runways and even highlighting billboards. The floodlights of the past were virtually all powered by electric and normally used a quartz halogen bulb of at least one hundred watts. They were set up in rows of two or more with each one casting a beam of approximately twenty-five feet in width. On average, each of these bulbs cost ten dollars and when there was trouble with the wiring, you had to call a qualified electrician to correct the problem.

Today, many are using an alternative energy product known as solar flood lighting. They are totally powered by the sun’s rays. The advantages of using this alternative energy source are many. Ecologically they help to reduce energy dependence and as a result, cause zero environmental damage. The main appeal of solar flood lighting is their ease of maintenance and simplicity. Using these type of floodlights can give you the same service as those of yesterday but at a fraction of the cost long-term. They are a great alternative to use for outbuildings that do not have an electric source nearby. Some are using them on their boat decks or around the pool area.

Another plus with solar floodlights is that they rarely need any type of repair. Although they are powered by the rays of the sun, they still have a quartz halogen bulb but these can last up to three years whereas the ones of the older floodlights were lucky to last for two thousand hours. If the unit needs to be replaced it can be as low as fifty dollars. You can replace them yourself without the cost of an experienced electrician.

These new floodlights are equipped with a sensor or photo switch. During the day, the light’s collection cells take in the solar energy while remaining off. After the sun sets, the sensor will automatically turn the bulb on. Usually by the time the light comes on the solar cells have collected enough energy to operate the floodlights through the entire night at full capacity.

Because they are powered by the sun these flood lights will not brighten an area with the same intensity as the electrical ones did but they do give you enough light that you can easily see into any dark corners and notice if something is not right. When using them for landscaping the illumination they provide gives the area a subtle ambiance and is more pleasing to the eye.

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Solar Valley Solution is the leading residential solar power installation and repair company located in Fresno, CA. (selfgrowth.com)