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The super advantages of used tea bags

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Most of us take tea twice a day regularly. Nobody can deny that it is a stimulant. Besides it have a power to cure many diseases. But how many of us really know the advantages of used tea bags? Don’t wonder there are some interesting ways that it can be re-used.

1. Best remedy to redness of eyes. Soak two used tea bag in cold water. Apply it over the eyelid for two minutes. The red colourisation will disappear and your eyes glow bright
2. It is used soften meat and give aroma to it.
3. Used tea bags are used as cleanser- for cleaning mirror and woolen clothes.
4. Keep dried tea bags in the wardrobe among your dresses. It gives a refreshing scent. Put it inside the shoes, that will remove the stench of the footwear.
5. Any wounds inside the mouth can be treated using the used teabags. Apply it where there is pain.

Tea bag provides relief to sun burnt area and cure the burn. Applying it over skin problems like itchy, pimple will cure it. So keep used tea bag safe.




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