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Adverse effects of drinking tea in empty stomach

Drinking tea in empty stomach is a popular habit. Starting a day without tea may can affect mentally and physically some people. But according to a new report this habit is too much dangerous to health of men. Let see what all are the health problems may can occurring due to drinking of tea in empty stomach.

Some of the recent studies saying that drinking of tea in empty stomach may can leads to prostate cancer in adults also. Now a days every one of 10 people have prostate cancer.

This habit is one of the main cause behind the cause of infertility. This habit is also a main cause of duodenal ulcer also. Some recent studies saying that peoples having this habit is suffering more from duodenal ulcer.

Drinking tea in empty stomach will also lead to pain in genital organs of male also. So drinking along with food or after food is the most advisable and effective way. Some people will drink tea even without brushing their tooth. These all can make problems.

Tea is a depression inducing food item. So drinking tea can cause depression. So drinking it in the empty stomach will give double effect on this.