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November 5, 2016 Comments Off on Badai Bungalow Arya’s ‘Feeling Shocked’ FB Post Views: 10227 Social Media

Badai Bungalow Arya’s ‘Feeling Shocked’ FB Post

Badai Bungalow fame Arya aginst the lady who wants to destroy her life and career. Once she was everything in her life. She requests her friends to pass the message until the other woman gets it. Read her Facebook post below: 

Some people even if u throw them out of ur lives just doesn’t get it and keep poking ur life!! I have only heard of this thing called “professional jealousy” but this is the first time ever in my life am facing it… and that too from somebody who was so so so close to me that I was blindly admiring this lady for what she was all ma life!! And now wen the same person is all set to destroy ma career my life and everything .. I don’t really know how to react or what to do wid such people!! Well I believe there is a supreme power up there who we call the “almighty” and I totally believe in him/ her… so let the supreme power take care of you… and Ms. Lady just one word to u.. ” idea is good but leg is mine” not yours… I can never be like u or u can never be like me… people are just meant to be what they are… the sooner u realise it the better ur life will be!! P.S. Well no other way to convey such things to the right person than an FB post!! Even though they are not in ur list they get updated wid anything and everything happening in ur life.. Thanks to the so called ” mutual friends”!! So pls pass on this msg too ???