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Why wait for hair loss when you can try Preventing it (avoid unhealthy hair practices)

Dirty hair, unwashed hair is the main reason for hair fall and dandruff deposits. So tend to your hair like a baby and wash it everyday. Keep a healthy shining hair and use one ayurvedic oil for your hair.

Grandfathers and grandmothers advice us to go and stand directly in the sunlight after applying the oil. That is a good method for the oil to spread to your head evenly.

Avoid things that are bad for your hair (unhealthy hair practices).
A hairstyle that pulls the hair tightly together is bad for your hair. Braids and pony tails usually use this kind of roughness as hairstyles. Many women pull their hair tightly it comes out of its roots. Your hair might permanently stop growing from the areas it is pulled from.

Blow drying your hair dries out the scalp and damages the hair follicles. Allow your hair to air dry at least part of the time or change the heat setting on your blower to the lowest.

Combing your hair when its wet. This is a big no if you don’t want hair loss.

Home Treatments for Healthy Hair
A paste of henna, curd, soaked and ground fenugreek ground hibiscus, flowers, ground gooseberries and egg and apply to the hair scalp after mixing. This should be done within an hour of shampooing. If this is done regularly it will make your hair stronger and better-looking. But remember that henna is suitable only for dark colored hair because it tints hair red.

Wash the hair in the end with a bit of lemon squeezed into water in which you can bathe to get rid of your dandruff as well.