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September 17, 2016 Comments Off on You have been bathing wrong your entire life. Find out your mistakes Views: 6564 Beauty & Fashion

You have been bathing wrong your entire life. Find out your mistakes

1. Body scrubber
Do you make sure that your body scrubber is made dry before you leave it hanging. Remember that bacteria can live inside the body scrubber if it is not properly taken care of. It should be dried and cleaned after use.

2. Waxing Or Shaving
The reason behind your dull skin maybe this. If you are shaving or waxing before you had your bath then it will increase the size of the pores, resulting in dry, dull skin.

3. Scrubbing
Over Scrubbing may lead to skin infections. Scrubbing needs to be done with a gentle care in mind.

4. Towel
Most of us wipe ourselves too long with a towel to make sure we are dried up faster. This is the wrong way to take care of yourself. If you use the towel for too long . You can end up with dry skin and hair fall.

5. Soap
Using too much soap can also lead to dry skin.It acts by absorbing dirt and oil from the body, which you then rinse. Leave it for oily areas, or the ones that produce BO.

6. Moisturizing
Did you know Moisturizers need to be only used for three minutes and not longer. More than three minutes of moisturizing is also a bad way of using Moisturizer. The more time you leave it on The skin gets dry and cracks, and bacteria may lodge in there.

7. Showering After Exercise
If you are an athlete you have to wait some time or do cool off exercises before you hit the shower. So remember this next time you are at the gym as showering when the body is hot can lead to cold or fever.