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December 13, 2016 Comments Off on Bearded men tend to have strong relationships says study Views: 5569 Lifestyle

Bearded men tend to have strong relationships says study

Beards are a real style statement and fellows with well-shaped beards tend to make the opposite sex week kneed.Now a new study says that bearded men tend to have stronger relationships.The science-backed conclusion says that dudes facially drowning in the furry stuff were more likely to be considered long-term relationship material compared to their beard free equivalent.In other words a full-blown beard has the ability to mask a masculine face – a face we’d otherwise only consider for a short-term relationship – or balance out a feminine face – a face we might not deem ‘masculine’ enough for a long-term relationship; hitting that elusive attractiveness ‘sweet spot’.

Guys with bountiful beards were considered more for marriage, while guys with little-to-no beard were generally considered casual relationship material.