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Do You Know 5 Benefits Of Combing Hair Regularly!

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If you are one of those people who just does not like combing your hair, are in a constant rush and do not take the time to comb your hair well or have curly hair and don’t want to unravel your curl. good hair care is necessary to grow hair. Many of us doesn’t like combing the hair.  We hesitate to comb hair because we often doubts that combing may cause to increase hair falling, breaking hair and cause other damages. But you will wonder if you hear the benefits of combing. Not only It increases your beauty but also it is necessary for the hair health. Blood circulation through the scalp will increase while you Comb your hair. Listen if you are not combing in right way it will cause for falling your hair.

There are some rules for combing hair. All of us know that combing wet hair is not good. Wet hair may be flimsy.  Do not comb many times in a day.  wooden comb is the best thing to use while combing your hair. It helps get rid of static – the reason why hair tends to get frizzy and is responsible for making your hair brittle and susceptible to damage. Just remember that  it does not have sharp edges on its teeth and is well rounded off.

Let’s have a look at 5 benefits of Combing:

1. Combing makes your hair silky & healthy and it is equal to hair massage. So it become more soften. Combing your hair helps you relax, has to ability to energize your body and helps your mind relax.

2. Our pores and glands get boosted while combing. So hair rootes get good nutrition. Combing also helps in the proper distribution of oils present on your scalp. This helps your hair get the natural nourishment it requires to grow. This oil adds a beautiful shine to your hair and is your body’s natural mechanism to fight off infections.

3. Correct combing excess the blood circulation to the scalp. A majority of the blood vessels that supply your scalp are present at the back of your head. This is also known as the one point the supplies all the parts of your scalp with fresh blood supply and nutrients. Known as the occipital region it is packed with blood vessels – which is why you are least likely to go bald in that region.



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