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Benefits of using Coconut water as facewash

Fashion market is flooded with products to meet all our requirements. Trending to more natural products new gen wave is now after the ‘ beauty tips of foregeneration’. The use of natural substances to enhance beauty and to maintain health is the major topic of research of present generation.

Though problems vary from person to person, one of the major beauty problems is about the skin. Care should be given to skin considering its texture. Skin type can be broadly classified into oily skin, normal skin and dry skin.Basic knowledge about your skin type will definitely help you to find appropriate measures and products for skin care that makes you stay young.

Is dry skin your problem? Make it a habit of applying moisturiser irrespective of the climate. You can opt for light moisturiser during monsoon. Clean the face twice using oil free cleanser

You can also try some simple home made packs for skin care. Mix a teaspoon each of honey and lime juice to egg white. Apply this mix on your face and wash it after half an hour using lukewarm water. Later use cold water on the face. Repeat the process once in a week and see the change by yourself. If the skin is too dry, go for another pack.Mix egg yolk with milk and add a few drops of rose water.Apply this pack thoroghly on face and neck and clean it after 15 mins.

Coconut water is proved to be a magical cleanser. Simply washing your face with coconut water will refresh your skin and it glows. You can also opt coconut water to mix any natural face pack.It readily rejuvanate and keep your skin clean, shining and healthy.