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April 26, 2016 Comments Off on Beware! Do you know Dimples are genetic defects? Views: 5251 Awareness, Featured

Beware! Do you know Dimples are genetic defects?

The beauty of some people increases while they are laughing Right?  No doubt in the case of dimples which clears up on ones face while smiling will increase their beauty. We often consider the people who have dimples on their cheek as lucky person. But haven’t you ever wondered that why some people have dimple on cheek and some don’t have? There are some facts behind this.

Dimples are genetic defects. Genes are behind this reason. Dimples are some defects and existence of genes having no bad cause to the body.  It appears as a result of shrinking the muscles of face during the beginning time of muscle formation. The tissue under the cell causes for dimples. It’s a crack while muscles of the face tighten.

All of it is a game of only one gene. One only gets dimple if their one of his/her parent have dimples on their face.  So we can consider it as a hereditarily spreading genetic defect. Genes would transfer before impregnation itself and it forms during the child is in the uterus. Some people have two dimples on each cheek and some have only one.

So this beauty enhancing dimples are a harmless defect. Aware of it!