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Beyond the external beauty what a man need from a women?

Beauty is one of the main factors that attract a person to another. But what you think about the beauty? Is it completely how her face or body shows? Of course!  Not. If you have only external beauty of your body your man won’t be stay with you long time. Because, the real beauty is exist in your inner self. It depends on your behavior and attitude too. There are many important things that a man need from his women.

Connection between the souls:
Relationship always needs deep connection between the two souls rather than your physical relations. Beyond all material facts, some other super powers and love is strengthening any relation. A deep understanding, sharing, forgiving etc. so you need to be tying knot your souls before the bodies have.

Ability to forgive and have compassion:
Obviously a lady might be as beautiful as angels. But if she do not have a compassionate heart, if she cannot forgive a man’s mistakes that will affect their entire relation. Certain forgiveness is indeed in relationships.

Be an icon of kindness:
Love is not only to take. More than this love is to give. When you give, you will get. Most of the people tend to be taking. But if a women is out of selfishness, that makes the man happier. Kindness often makes you as selfless.

Have patience to listen:
Listening is an essential factor in every relation. Most of the men need good listeners to share their feelings, emotions and blunders too. If she is not ready to listen to him, it feels him abandoned. A beloved with good listening skill will lead him to highness.

Social commitment:
A woman with social commitments is better than women with mere self-thoughts and selfishness. All men love to hear positively from others about his beloved. It will definitely make him proud of his relation and life. Beyond that relationship if one can understand others problems and do something better for them always necessary for the society too.

Caring and Resolving problems:
Caring is an ultimate thing that every relation requires.  Many women think that they should be cared by men. But the same thing is needed to men also. They love to be cared, to be caressed. It gives them a feel of secured and protected.

So just stop all other ego clashes and quarrels for a while and try to love deeply. This is the only way to the eternal satisfaction and success. Know the beauty of your relationship.



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