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Bitter melon proved to kill cancer cells

Amazingly, this plant cures cancer by starving the cells by ridding them of needed sugar they feed on. Scientific studies showed that Bitter melon can actually serve as a cure for certain types of cancer due to the active ingredients which prevent the metabolism of glucose in malignant cells. You can consume this plan by several ways like cooked, juiced, raw or in a tincture.

Experts advice his patients to trust nature and use natural products in treating any kind of sickness. He states that this miraculous fruit inhibits cancer cell growth effectively. Bitter melon is very important in nutrition because of its ingredient glycoprotein lectin since its activity resembles that of the insulin due to that fact that it decreases glucose concentration in the blood and functions as an immunomodulator. This is the reason why this plant is very helpful in cases of liver, prostate, colon and lung cancer, leukemia and neuroblastoma. But watch out, too much of a good thing is always bad. Over consumption can lead to diarrhea and abdominal pain.