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Caesarian – Whims & fancies and its reality

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Caesarian is done at a crucial point where the life of either the mother or her child is in the face of danger.It is an operation done by cutting the stomach,making a mark in the utreus and taking the baby out. Now this operation is pretty safe. There are some common misconceptions about post operation period among women like severe back pain and can’t take too much water etc.May be they got this information from the elders. But it can’t be absolutely true. All the care should be given to the mother as in normal delivery.

Normally caesarian is done after giving general anesthesia, spinal anesthesia or epidural anesthesia. In general anesthesia, she will regain conscious even before removing her from the theatre.She may be in sedation. So it is recommended to breastfeed after 2 hours. Both spinal and epidural anesthesia are given in the spinal cord. Since it freeze below abdomen only, she is still conscious and can breastfeed immediately after the operation itself.

Cesarean is done under two conditions. First, pre-decided one during the check up time itself and the other emergency one at the time of delivery.In the first case, the gynaecologist will have a detailed discussion with the couples about the types of anesthesia,pros and cons of each one, mother’s health condition and apt choice for them.Then the final decision is made.

Spinal anesthasia is a better choice for pregant ladies having blood pressure,astma, coughing etc. Bleeding will be less in this type.It is also done in a condition where operation has to be carried out immediately after taking meals.

1. The injection taken in the spine will later result in severe back pain
There are so many misconcepts among women of taking injection on the spinal cord.In earlier days,large needles were used for injection.But now it is replaced by its counter part. So they don’t even feel it. Since the length of the needle is short, don’t be afraid of flowing out even it reaches the spinal fluid.

2. Complete bed rest is a must after the surgery
Take atmost care not to lie down always after the surgery. She can walk after a day , go to bathroom all by herself. Don’t lie down simply. Benefits are immense if started walking. It helps to avoid deadly condition like deep vein thrombosis.It also helps to reduce pain at the stitched area as blood circulation increases and dry the wound easily. Walking makes you enthusiastic and energetic.

3. Have only gruel after the operation day
It is preferable to avoid heavy, spicy food,sour, potatoes and dhal immediately after the operation. Steamed food like idli, dosa, rice and gruel can also be given. After three days she can have all the healthy food.

4. Drinking a lot of water may bulge her belly
It is a wrong concept that drinking much water may tend to bulge her belly. If she doesn’t take water, it may also result in urinary infection,cheerlessness and reduction in the quantity of breast milk. Have lukewarm water. Avoid tea and coffee as their over usage may cause acidity.

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