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Caesarian – Whims & fancies and its reality

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5. Feeding by lying down
She may think to feed by lying down because of the pain and disturbance while siting.It is not the scientific way. It is better to breast feed by sitting straight. It will reduce the strain on spine. Change to the next breast only after feeding completely from the one.Don’t bath wetting the stitch.Just dry wash using a soft towel.After removing the dressing, keep the stitch clean and free from dust and infection.Don’t cover unnecessarily. As the stitch is thin and runs under the skin, it will dissolve by itself.

6. Drinking more milk increases breast milk
It is thoroughly a wrong concept. Don’t overfeed the baby. It may result in indigestion.

7. No exercise after caesarean
Light exercises can be done after two months. Avoid working by bending down, taking overweight, long trips, travel through uneven roads etc.

8. Interval is needed for sexual intercourse after the surgery
It is better to have sexual relation after two months. This interval is essential for drying the wounds and to recover. But if the couples wish alike,they can have it. It is healthy to have an interval of at least 18 months for the next baby. So don’t forget to take necessary precaution.

9. If done once, it should be repeated
The surgery is not always required. This depends on the reason why the first one was done.

10. Caesarian must be done only once.
The number of surgeries depend upon her health condition. But marking at the same place will often lead to some mishaps.

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