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Very very Special Chandu, the warrior in Jayaraj’s Veeram

The poster shows the theme of warriors. The two characters are engaged in a life to death duel. Using Kalaripayattu, the traditional art form of fighting for the southerners. Especially in Kerala, when Kalari has a deep historic prominence in its culture and heritage. The second poster is better than the first and you might even get goosebumps when you look up close at it.

Veeram is an epic tale based on the real life of Chandu, a warrior in North Malabar of Kerala. It is also an Adaptation of Shakespearean Classic Macbeth. Another thrilling point about veeram is that it is directed by national award winning film-maker Jayaraj. The film has been produced by Chandramohan Pillai and Pradeep Rajan of Chandrakala Arts. Jayaraj calls it his dream project, one that he thought ‘wouldn’t happen’ but one that he had planned and prepared for.

The warrior Chandu, the anti-hero of the ‘Vadakkanpaattu’, has been alternatively cast as hero and villain, depending on the telling. Chandu’s ambition was his tragic flaw, which eventually led to the unravelling of his life, much like Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Jayaraj adapts Macbeth to tell Chandu’s story as Veeram. The film is the latest in his Navarasa series. “I am happy that our film is being screened at a prestigious festival such as this. What makes it even more special is that this the quadri-centennial of the Bard. There is the universal appeal of Shakespeare’s plays, making them relevant everywhere, for everybody,” he says.

The huge budget aside, the film’s canvas is larger than his other films. It’s Jayaraj’s first tri-lingual – Malayalam, Hindi and English. The film boasts a number of technicians from Hollywood, including a few who are Academy award winners. The stunt coordinator is Allan Poppleton (such as Hunger Games, Chronicles of Narnia and Avatar) while the music is by Jeff Rona (Phantom, (miniseries) ‘Traffic’ ), makeup by Academy Award winner Trefor Proud (Gladiator, Star Wars Episode I – Phantom Menace among others) and the colourist is Jeff Olm (The Philosopher’s Stone, Titanic, Spiderman and others). Jayaraj praises Appu Bhattathiri for his work as editor.