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Changes in body with two bananas daily

It’s high time to change the maxim ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ and replace apple with banana. Popularly known as common man’s fruit, it contains almost all the nutrients that caters our health. It is a wholesome fruit.

Banana became the most consumed fruit in the world. Initially customers prefered banana with greenish yellow peel with least spots. But later realising its nutritional and medicinal value of turning- black peel its demand reached summit. Ripe banana contains more TNF.

What is TNF?
Tumor Necrosis factor (TNF), fights against abnormal body cell, promotes immune system and makes you stay health.

Additional health benefits of banana

Abdominal health
A natural way to be relieved from constipation. Rich in soluble fibre, bananas help to restore and maintain regular bowel function.

Attacks Anemia
Iron rich food, banana helps us to fight against anemia. It accelerates the production of hemoglobin in blood.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Presence of Vitamin B-6
(pyridoxine) regulates blood sugar level and manages changing moods. Consuming banana will boost you up and make you feel relaxed and cheerful.

Controls temperature
During summer season, having banana will help you to maintain body temperature.

Fights against depression
Banana contain a unique mood boosting component named tryptophan which is later converted into serotonin.

The alkaline nature of banana prevents us from acid reflux, heartburn etc. A single fruit will gives you instant relief.

Blood pressure
Bananas help in ameliorating high blood pressure. It prevents stroke and heart attack.

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