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January 11, 2017 Comments Off on Why chicken should not be washed before cooking Views: 3384 Awareness

Why chicken should not be washed before cooking

When preparing chicken, usually people do it. But it is now revealed that you have been doing harm to yourself by washing the raw chicken. It can cause food poisoning. Because raw chicken is covered with bacterias, which comprises of salmonella and campylobacter. We knew that washing the chicken will eliminate the bacterias but washing the bird under running water spreads the germs. Jennifer Quinlan, a researcher contributed to the study of chicken. Her report revealed a few things.Washing the raw chicken does not really kill bacterias, but people have to do it because many recipes demand the chicken to be washed and patted dry. Experts say that if you really feel like doing something to clean it, then you can wipe it with a disposable paper. Otherwise, preparing the chicken as normal is advised.