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November 23, 2016 Comments Off on Common mistakes while applying makeup Views: 2224 Beauty & Fashion

Common mistakes while applying makeup

Makeup is part of our daily routine, especially in these increasingly fashionable times. But applying makeup in the wrong manner can do more harm than good. Here are some of the common mistakes while applying makeup.

1. Sleeping in your makeup
It is well known that this is bad. Falling asleep with a dirty face can make you look older sooner. Makeup settles in your pores and stretches them out, which is permanent over time. Enlarged pores mean rough, aged skin.

2. Not cleaning your makeup brushes
Most makeup artists confess that the time-consuming brush-cleaning process is their least favorite part of the job. But even if you don’t care that dirty brushes can make you break out, don’t forget that they’re affecting your makeup application.

3. Putting bronzer on your whole face
If you want to fake a sun-kissed glow, use self-tanner on your face, not a bronzer. Lightly apply a subtly shimmery bronzer to the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, chin, and forehead to mimic a real tan.

4. Applying concealer wrong
While it seems like it’d make sense to just apply concealer on top of your dark circles, applying it in an upside-down triangle shape below the eye creates an overall brightening effect that looks much more natural.

5. Wearing waterproof mascara every day
Unless you’re a very sweaty individual or a synchronized swimmer, you shouldn’t wear a waterproof formula regularly. It’s very drying on the lashes. And since these mascaras are hard to remove, you’ll probably rub your eyes a lot during the cleansing process and end up losing some lashes.

6. Wearing too much foundation
Unless you’re hiding discoloration or blemishes, there is no reason to apply foundation to your entire face — it can make you look as if you’re wearing a mask.

7. Curling your lashes with mascara on
This is a huge no. Not only will you ruin your previously perfect mascara application, but the curler can stick to your gunky lashes and yank them out.

8. Applying your makeup in the wrong lighting
Always aim to put your face on in not just a well-lit room, but in a space with lighting most similar to your destination. If you’re heading to your sunny office after a slapdash makeup application in your dark bathroom, we guarantee your co-workers will see your blending errors.

9. Keeping makeup for too long
If you’re using an eye shadow you had in high school and you’re anything but a college freshman or sophomore, throw it out! Makeup expires in anything from a few months to less than two years.