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Common mistakes you commit in weight reduction

Overweight or Obesity is a lifestyle disorder which leaves you with sleepless night. We normally have a tendency to become slim. This is just because slim body is considered to be the yardstick of beauty.

1. Know Your Body
Everyone should know about their body- its anatomy and physiology. The genetical factors and lifestyle determines the health of a person. Most of us skip meals to reduce weight. Here the health of the body is least concerned. Scientifically weight reduction is done after calculating the BMI( Body Mass Index).

2. Lack of Awareness
We blindly follow the diet chart that is given generally. The main thing we have to understand is that diet is customized.For example egg and milk are considered as healthy food. But some people may be allergic to these foods. Such people had to find an alternative.

3. Need of Scientific Knowledge
If a person wish to reduce his weight and resize his body shape, scientific knowledge is a must. It is a known fact that ‘No man is similar’. The body should be toned after complete medical check up. One should have a thorough knowledge about the dos and don’ts, ‘have’s and ‘have not’s of his own body. Then only weight reduction would be effective.

4. Follow proper guidance
Medication or exercises for weight reduction should be done strictly under the guidance of a medical practitioner. Combined consultation of dietitian, counselor, instructor and doctor is very important. The most crucial thing is we often neglect is the follow up. Maintaining the body is the next procedure. Proper care should be taken in later stages.