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The main complaints that lead to divorce

No one can be exempted from complaining about their marital life. But constant complaining may lead to break-up. This complaints question the trust factor both in love marriage and in an arranged one. The facts are revealed in a survey conducted about the reasons that lead to divorce.

The main complaint of women in this regard is that the partner is not spending time with her. Also they underline that the partners never express love and affection. Undoubtedly, these two are the main thing that spoils your life. Women, out of their experience, at some point in life. May be because of this, trivial things also bothers them a lot. These circumstances can be avoided to an extent if they get the presence of the partner when in need.These women wish to have their men to be with them caring and keeping them close to heart.

Not only women but also men have same complaints which is a threat to their relation. The main complaint is about the unnecessary quarrels without any reason.Another is that they are least interested in physical relation. Factually, in order to eliminate all these complaints men should be dear to their partner.